BOPAUTH_NXD process terminates unexpectedly and repeatedly with an EE_BADOBJECT error message

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Last Modified Date : 01/02/2019
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In a Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1 environment, the bopauth_nxd process (also known as BOP-AUTH) may fail unexpectedly and repeatedly. The process will attempt to restart itself, but will no longer restart after 10 failures. Within the SDM stdlog, error messages like the ones below will indicate the bopauth_nxd failures:

01/31 12:30:00.50 SERVERNAME   bopauth_nxd          6908 ERROR        eiamAuth.c             802 Error in authenticating with credentials for user: cnt:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' - EE_BADOBJECT Bad Object success

01/31 12:30:00.88 SERVERNAME   pdm_d_mgr           10008 SIGNIFICANT  daemon_obj.c          2621 Sending UNREGISTER_SINGLETON to RFBroker. Details...  process_name : BOP-AUTH slump_id : 12275

01/31 12:30:00.88 SERVERNAME   pdm_rfbroker_nxd     6552 SIGNIFICANT  rfbroker.c            1013 Unregister_singleton received for processName: BOP-AUTH slumpId :12275

01/31 12:30:00.88 SERVERNAME   proctor_CAITSDKPA    7928 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          923 Process stopped (D:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/bopauth_nxd return: 255

01/31 12:30:00.88 SERVERNAME   slump_nxd            5080 ERROR        list.c                1439 Attempt to deregister singleton procname "BOP-AUTH" that not registered

After the 10th failure of the bopauth_nxd process, login and authentication failures will occur. In addition, Process Automation (PAM) processes will fail to start, as they rely on the bopauth_nxd process to authenticate and start. Running the pdm_d_refresh command will temporarily restart the bopauth_nxd process, but it will eventually fail again in the same way. 


This issue has only been noted in environments with the following products installed and integrated:
-        Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1 with Cumulative Patch 2 installed (14.1.02)
-        Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) 12.51
Additional symptoms may be noted if Process Automation (PAM) is installed.
A fix is available that addresses this behavior.  It is included as part of 14.1 CP4 and higher CP's and Rollup Patches.

Problem Number:  USRD3560
Additional Information:
Please note that this is not the only scenario in which an “EE_BADOBJECT” error may be encountered. For additional information on EEM error messages, please see the following page:
EEM Wiki: Safe Exception

For additional information on the pdm_d_refresh command, as well as other commands that can be run on a Service Desk Manager server, please see the following page:
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