Booking Status Changes to Mixed When Project is saved back from OWB

Document ID : KB000100845
Last Modified Date : 26/07/2018
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The booking status of a resource unexpectedly changes to mixed even after the resource is hard booked. The planned and hard allocations are still the same, but the booking status shows as mixed. 

This results from the following behavior with saving a project back from OWB. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
0. Under Administration - Project Management Settings - 'Allow Mixed Booking' is Checked
1. Create a project with dates of 6/11-6/15
2. Create a task with these same dates
3. Assign a resource with a 0% default allocation and a booking status of Soft 
4. On the time scale on the team list, type in the following allocation hours: 

6/11 -- Do not type any value
6/12 -- Type 0 hours
6/13-6/15 -- Type 4 daily hours for each of the 3 days

Note the following planned allocation segments are created by doing this: 
6/11-6/11 : 0% (inherited default)
6/12-6/12 : 0%
6/13-6/15 : 50%

5. From the team list view, change the booking status from Soft to Hard, and click Save
6. Export the project to OWB
7. Without making any change to the project in OWB, save the project back to PPM 

Expected Results: The Booking Status of the team record remains Hard. 
Actual Results: The Booking Status is now Mixed. 
Note: On the staff member properties, the segments between the Planned and Hard Allocation remain the same as before the project was exported to OWB. 
Caused by DE41878
DE41878 has been fixed in our upcoming PPM 15.5 release. 

1. Hard book the resource from the staff properties page instead of the team list page, and click on Save. OR
2. Hard book the resource from the list view, but also open the staff member properties and click Save on the properties  page, even if no changes are made from this page. 

Clicking on Save on the staff member properties page combines any consecutive 0% hard allocation segments into one segment.