BND7032E messages from Bundl collectors but PDF file not full

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Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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Our Bundl collector issued a BND7032E File DPMFPDFn is 100 percent full but a LISTCAT run against the PDFn file shows there is space available in the file.
Is there a way to reset the PDF FULL flag so that Bundl recognizes there is usable space available to write to in the PDF file?
If you received this message, then the collector believes the file to be full.

If the DPMFPDFn file really isn't full, then it's possible that for some reason (possibly a previous collector abend), the FULL flag on this particular PDF file did not get reset after the file was emptied out (Happens every night during the EOD process, PGM=DPMB096) or after a new larger DPMFPDFn file was added. 

To reset a FULL flag on the PDF files, you can try shutting down "ALL COLLECTORS" and the "ARCHIVE" job (PGM=DPMB004) and running a "CUSTOM" CC50J026 (PGM=DPMB026) job with the PARM set as PARM=F,C to reset the FULL flag on the PDF file. 

Also consider, depending on the timing of when the BND7032E was received and the time you determined there is available space in the file, that the PGM=DPMB096 could have been run in between the message and the LISTCAT ind this would have emptied all of the PDF files. So, this scenario would explain why the LISTCAT is now showing available space.