CA PPM New UX Blueprint fields become distorted when you reorder the Blueprint's sections

Document ID : KB000101434
Last Modified Date : 02/07/2018
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After reordering the sections in a Blueprint in the New User Experience (New UX), the fields become distorted and all fields are moved into one column. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Log in to the New UX as a user with administrator access
2. Click on the Administration icon then Blueprints
3. Click on the 3 dot icon at the end of the Standard Blueprint, then select Copy to create a new Blueprint
4. Click on the newly created Blueprint
5. Click the EDIT button
6. Move the sections in the Blueprint to be in a different order in the Blueprint (Example: Make Settings the first section in the Blueprint above Project Summary)
7. Expand the section that was just moved

Expected Results: Fields in the section remain in the layout setup prior to the move and field names appear expanded correctly
Actual Results: The fields become distorted (Field names are significantly cut off) and you no longer have more than one column
This issue is caused by DE41925
This issue is tentatively scheduled to be fixed in CA PPM 15.5.

  • If you expand two to three sections, versus just one section, sometimes the issue will go away.
  • If the above doesn't help, click the top expand / collapse option in the Blueprint a couple times (to expand all sections and then collapse all sections) to make the symptoms go away. (This option seems to be more frequently needed if there are custom sections also added to the Blueprint)
Additional Information:
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