Binding the CA CSM Application Server to a TCP/IP Stack in a Multi-TCP/IP Stack Environment

Document ID : KB000028438
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When your LPAR with CA CSM has multiple TCP/IP stacks, establish a TCP/IP stack affinity to a desired stack. Establishing a stack affinity binds all socket communications to that stack.

To establish a stack affinity, select one of the following methods:


§     Add a DD statement SYSTCPD DD to the CA CSM startup JCL (RunTimeMVSHLQPrefix.JCL(MSMTCSRV)) pointing to a

   specific TCPIP.DATA data set.

For example:




§     Add the environment variable _BPXK_SETIBMOPT_TRANSPORT to the RunTimeMVSHLQPrefix.SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) member

   that is associated to the STDENV DD of the CA CSM application server.

For example: 




§     Add an extra step, AFFINITY, in the CA CSM startup JCL (RunTimeMVSHLQPrefix.JCL(MSMTCSRV)) before the MSMSRV step:

For example: