Benefits and usage of the new CA Gen R8.5 Transaction Enabler Web Services feature.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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These points cover the essentials of the new Transaction Enabler (TE) Web Services feature that was delivered in Gen R8.5 for Windows, AIX, IA64, and Solaris.

1. TE Servers have always used a Gen specific protocol that runs over TCP/IP to communicate with clients. In Gen R8.5, the TE environment was modified to support web services over TCP/IP for Server Managers that have been regenerated and rebuilt under Gen R8.5.

2. If a TE is already being used to run Gen C Server Managers then no additional licensed features need to be purchased to be able to access TE Web Services from a custom client. Gen clients (C, Java, and .NET) can also call Server Managers via the web services protocol and require the usual Middleware TCP/IP license.

3. The Gen R8.5 Server Manager generated code automatically contains the required support to expose each Procedure Step as a Web Service when the TE is accessed with the required web service URI and WSDL file (Web Services Definition Language file) for the Server Manager Procedure Step. 

4. The syntax of the URI is: http://hostname:port/LM/PSTEP?wsdl

hostname: Specifies the hostname or IP address of the machine where the TE is running

port: Specifies the port on which the TE aefad is listening

LM: Specifies the 8 character load module name of the server manager.

PSTEP : Specifies the full long name of the procedure step.

5. The user will find tools like Fiddler & soapUI useful for testing out the TE Web Services.

6. Gen only creates SOAP web services, but if RESTful web services are required then the CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) product can take SOAP web services and expose them as RESTful web services. Here is a Gen community link for the ASO agile collaboration program: Need to expose business logic as RESTful APIs?