Batch Processors Unload utility Block Size default is 6336

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The DEFAULT blocksize used by the Batch Processor (RBP) Unload (located in the @DEFAULT Model) is 6336, how can it be increased?


When a customer uses the 'UNLOAD' utility, the Batch Processor Unload is used. This model will use a default BLKSIZE of 6336. However, the customer can override this block size value via the .ALLOC control statement. The model may be modified/updated to reflect a larger block size as desired.

Since BP Unload uses 72 byte records, the BLKSIZE must be a multiple of 72, this illustration uses 27936. This will require modifying 2 separate utilities within the model definition:

    UNLOAD used for normal Unload processing 
    UNLOAD_R used for Recovery Unload processing 

The modified UNLOAD utility model should look like:

        DA('%DATADSN') + 
        BLKSIZE(27936) LRECL(72) + <<---------------------------- 
        TRACKS + 
        SPACE(%ULDSP1,%ULDSP2) + 
        UNIT(%UNIT) + 
        NEW CATALOG 

To perform this update, please follow these steps:

Select Opt 2(RCM) from the DB2 Tools Main Menu.
Select Opt 0(Profile) from the RC/Migrator Main menu.
Select Opt 6 (Utility Model Services) from the RC/M Expert Profile.

Enter the "U"(update) line command next to the model to be updated.
Enter the "E"(edit) line command next to the UNLOAD utility.
The utility model edit uses standard ISPF edit line commands, next enter
"I"nsert to insert a line following the DA('%DATADSN') line.

Enter the BLKSIZE line as shown above (i.e. BLKSIZE(27936) LRECL(72) + ).
Enter the "SAVE" primary command, then "END" to exit the edit session.

Perform this edit on the UNLOAD_R utility as well to modify the utility used for recovery processing (if recovery is to be used).