Banner Job Capture 2

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Banner Job Capture 2
Detailed Description and Symptoms

Job capture is not working and the capture log shows nothing out of the ordinary.  The agentservice.log shows something like the following:

16:52:33.501 ASM2: .AgentSocketManager$_A: doRun 0 27410 null

null java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20025: No role access to "Job as "DEFAULT_BANNER_JOB_TEMPLATE" rtype=M edit=N my_dba=N my useq=6*-5-6-9-11"

Double check that there are no errors in the capture log


We can get around this by giving the remote agent direct access to the AM database.   Before you make the changes below you will also want to stop the Banner Agent in the AM client.

Please do the following on the remote agent.
 1. Stop the remote agent
>stopso all
 2. Add the following line into the awenv.ini file under the [default] section:
This will give the remote agent direct access to the Automic database.  If you have a firewall between the Agent Machine and the Database machine, you need to open up the jdbc port (1521?)
3. Restart the remote agent:
 > startso all