Bad link alarms are not cleared automatically in Spectrum Oneclick

Document ID : KB000028815
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Spectrum 9.2.3 H12 environement , we get Bad link alarms when an interface line protocol goes down. The event code for Bad link alarm is 10d11 and the alarm code is 1040a.

There might be chances that the bad link alarms doesn't get cleared eventhough the port is back to running state. This can happen on 2 occasions:

     - No clear event executed on this model

     - Customizations done to the clear event

This solution talks about the first option which can lead to this issue. The clear event code for Bad link Alarm is 10d2a.

Here is the event mapping for Bad link alarm:

CsVendor/Cabletron/EventDisp:0x00010d11 E 50 A 3, 0x0001040a   ----> Set Event Code
CsVendor/Cabletron/EventDisp:0x00010d2a      C 0x0001040a C 0x0001040b C 0x00010    --> Clear Event Code
40f C 0x00010410 C 0x00010411 C 0x0001040d C 0x00010d2d C 0x00010412 C 0x00010413

Below attributes needs to be set on the port model to generate alarms when anything goes wrong on the port model

ok to poll --> Yes

Alarm on link down trap --> Check status

Generate port status alarms ---> Yes

Poll port status ---> Yes (incase "ok to poll" is set to "no" when there is no active live pipe)

Assert link down alarm --> Yes

The clear event 10d2a will trigger ONLY if the Assert link down alarm is set to yes. If this clear event is missing on any model for an alarm, go to the interface model on which the alarm is triggered -> Attributes tab in component detail panel -> Filter for the attribute " Assert link down alarm" -> Double click to move this to right panel -> Double click to set the attribute in the right panel  -> Configure the value to "yes"

Event message of 10d2a  : Inference handler has disasserted its link status alarms on Port model ( name - {m}, type - {t} ). This event will trigger if the "Assert link down attribute" on the port model is set to yes.

This should raise the clear event (10d2a) and clear the Bad link alarm in Oneclick.