Correction to +HOLD Instructions for CA IDMS PTF RO91000

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Last Modified Date : 20/02/2019
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Correction to the +HOLD comments for PTF RO91000. The PTF source is correct, but the comment section incorrectly states the CAGJSRC library,, but it should be the CAGJSAMP libary.

For example: 
                       * STEPS    TO    PERFORM *                               
 After installing this PTF, please use the IDMSBCF utility                      
 to update each SQL catalog with the input in source member                     
 The source will be in the SMP/E CAGJSRC library.                              

 ++SAMP(VIEWUPD ) DISTLIB(AAGJSAMP) SYSLIB(CAGJSAMP)  .                         
 ++IMBED VIEWUPD  AAGJSAMP                                                      
 ++SAMP(VIEW19U ) DISTLIB(AAGJSAMP) SYSLIB(CAGJSAMP)  .                         
 ++IMBED VIEW19U  AAGJSAMP                                                      
 ++ASSIGN SOURCEID(CAP1607) TO (RO91000) .                                      

The source will be in the SMP/E CAGJSRC library.


The  VIEW19U source will be in the SMP/E CAGJSAMP library, not in the CAGJSRC library.  Follow the instructions in the ++HOLD for the source members in the SMP/E CAGJSAMP library
This correction is also documented by in PIB: RI91497 




Additional Information:
Similar information is contained in PTF RI91497, which can be found here: