Backup (UNLOAD) of the FILES Data Set

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I use GDGs for retention of FILES Backups


The UNLOAD of the contents of the FILES Data Set (FDS) can be to a disk or a tape file.
The simplest method for retaining these backups is with the use of a GDG so that
you keep the number of GDS that would be prudent.
If you perform the UNLOAD to a disk file, then the use of GDG control can be done with no other changes.
If you perform the UNLOAD to a tape file, then you need to be aware that "PGM=ADSMI002" is
typically specified in most EDM management setups so that CA Disk will control the release of
tapes when expired.  However, since the UNLOAD tapes are not recorded in the FILES data set,
CA Disk itself can not manage the number of, or retention of the UNLOAD backups.  The tapes
that fall under EDM management typically are assigned a "never expire" date.
To use GDG control to manage the number of UNLOAD tape copies, execute the UNLOAD with this:

ADSMI000 is a clone of ADSMI002, so the function (noted by the PARM) is performed, but the tapes
created will not be managed by EDM.  The DEFINE GDG that you have setup will do the tape management.

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