Backup and restore the Config/Database files of the PAM environment

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Last Modified Date : 21/05/2018
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It is possible to take/restore the backup of the database and the config from the "Configuration >> Database" on PAM 3.x. Regarding the backup files, is it possible to follow the below scenario?

To restore the backup file that is taken by the older version to the environment :
  1. Take the backup on the environment like 3.1.1.
  2. Upgrade the r3.1.1 environment to r3.2.
  3. Restore the backup file that was taken by #1 to the r3.2 environment. 
To restore the backup file to the other PAM instance environment :
  1. Take the backup on the environment A.
  2. Restore the backup to the environment B that is the same PAM version as environment A.
CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) 3.x
The both scenarios are not possible usage.

A configuration backup generates a file that contains all the unique settings and configuration information for each CA PAM instance. Use configuration files to roll back the configuration settings for a CA PAM instance. Use these files ONLY on the server instance where they were created. This configuration file cannot be restored to or from another instance.

Also, when the different version's database backup file tries to be restored, like the below error will appear and not possible to restore the backup file.
"Error: PAM-CMN-3285: The database you are attempting to load, 3.0.0 is not compatible with the current version 3.2.0"
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