Backing up the SPECTRUM Report Manager database (Legacy KB ID CNC TS26515 )

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In SPECTRUM  8.0 and 8.1you will have to do the following:

     1. Stop the SPECTRUM Tomcat Web Service

     2. Stop the MySQL service

     3. Navigate to the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/mysql/data/ directory

     4. Copy the 'reporting' directory to a new area.  Zip/tar/gzip or however you would like to.

This file can then be saved off some where or sent to support as is.

For SPECTRUM versions 9.0 and 9.1 the following steps will need to be taken:

Please refer to page 77 in Chapter 5 Maintenance and Troubleshooting in the section Back Up Report Manager Reporting and Archive Data of the

Report Manager Installation and Administration Guide (5169)

To backup Report Manager data for Windows

1.Select Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, Spectrum Tomcat, and then click Stop in the Spectrum Tomcat Properties box to stop Tomcat.

2.Select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > SPECTRUM MYSQL Database Server, and then click Stop in the SPECTRUM MYSQL Database Server Properties box to stop the SPECTRUM MYSQL database server.

3.Go to the <$SPECROOT>/mysql/data directory.

4.Save backup copies of the following databases to a secure directory outside of the <$SPECROOT> installation area:



5.Restart Tomcat and SPECTRUM MYSQL Database Server.


This process can also be used for SPECTRUM 8.1.0, however in 8.1.0 we offer a backup feature in SRM.

     1. Go to the Admin Tools tab of SRM

     2. Click on "Database Management"

     3. Click on "Backup Landscape"

     4. Select the landscape you wish to backup and hit "Start"

     5. This will go through the tables and create backups of them.  The process is complete when the message "Operation is complete" is displayed.


To load this database click on "Recover Landscape".  If you wish to remove some older back ups you can click on "Manage Backups".


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Problem Environment:
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Causes of this problem:
More often than not the reporting database will need to be backed up for either historical purposes or sending the database to Support to review an issue.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS26515 )