Backing up a Gateway node fails due to "Backup for node Gateway2 failed: cannot create backup image" or "Failed component: ca"

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Last Modified Date : 04/05/2018
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To backup the CA API Gateway you have different options available as described in our doumentation 

Running the backup using a browser via the URL https://<host>/ssg/backup
or using a script with the wget might fail with just the error
500 Backup failed

Running the backup via the command line will already be more descriptive and come back with an error like:

Backup of Gateway image partially succeeded.
Failed component: ca
To troubleshoot and fix this issue please use the following steps:

- Log in onto the gateway
- run the backup utility from here using
/opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/config/backup/ -image <backupname> -v -ca

This will run the backup with a more verbose output in the console. Check for any line like:
Component 'ca' could not be backed up: Cannot back up custom assertions: /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/modules/lib/OpenIDConnectAssertion-b753.jar (Permission denied)

The file mentioned in that line would be with the wrong protections.
Please change the permissions for this file to at least 444, with the owner layer7, group layer7.
chmod 444 <filename>
chown layer7 <filename>
chgrp layer7 <filename>