AXPOR01 fails on LINK with RC 76 (13) CONFLICT DBSIDPR DSN

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Last Modified Date : 07/05/2018
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When trying to run a DBUTLTY LINK command as part of AXPOR01, the CLONE15 step fails with a U0004 ABEND and I received an error



This error is most often caused by having a DBSIDPR setting of
but the database files did not have that MUF’s CXX name as one of the filename nodes.
The easiest way to resolve this is to change the DBSIDPR setting FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME to NO, reassemble DBSIDPR, then rerun the AXPOR01 job.
  1. Shut down the target MUF, i.e., the one for the new release of software;
  2. Edit the AXCUSNEW/AXCUSUPG job (version 15.x), or AXCUS01 (version 14.x), and change the value of FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME to NO and save the member;
  3. Rerun this AXCUS* job to assemble the DBSIDPR module;
  4. Start the target MUF;
  5. Rerun the failing AXPOR01 job from the beginning.
If you want to later enable the FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME setting, you will need to rename your database files and change the DSN stored in the CXX (Database catalog), followed by the above steps, changing the value of FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME to YES. You can follow the process to rename the files as described in TEC1646323, titled "How to rename CA Datacom database files."

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.