AXA & APM integration - Business Service Filter has extra character

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Last Modified Date : 02/07/2018
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These are steps that the customer followed. 
1. Wrap a Chinese application name android APK.
2. Caption auto transactions in AXA
3. There is an apm trace link in transaction details page in AXA,
4. Click that link, will jump into APM
5. But cannot see the trace in APM
6. Found out because in URL the Chinese name is correct, but in the business service filter drop-down list the Chinese name is incorrect, which causes the correlation to fail.

AXA17.3.1 on CentOS 7
APM 10.7 in windows 2008R2

Basically, the APM ATC map was showing some Chinese characters incorrectly. Seems the encoding was not right.

It was found that the trace that the map extracts data from has wrong Business Service name, So next step is to check if the HTTP request header already has a wrong BS name.

The URL link has correctly Chinese characters, but the dropdown list doesn't. So they don't match. 
Engineering has done some testing showing if the Chinese chars in DB were correct, then the dropdown list can show the string correctly, so this proves that the UI part works with Chinese. 

So  there are 2 possibilities: 
1. ATC got the trace with wrong chars, so we stored the wrong chars in the DB as well. 
2. ATC got the trace with correct chars, but during the trace processing we messed up and stored wrong chars in the DB. 
Get a transaction from Webview showing the issue and the corresponding screenshot. Or the HTTP Request Header from AXA .  

Capture the payload header values, through the android debug logs , using adb logcat, will have sample log as below. This will give you the bs/bt value sdk is sending to the agent/APM.  Then open a case to evaluate.

2018-06-19 17:56:40.159748-0700 MAAKitchenSink[24603:1708528] [VERBOSE] [CA MAA] APM: Calling with header t=029DF253-B671-40F3-BAF0-D7AEB0A9E5FD;d=DABA59AF-A672-49D9-B256-5E4C82121AFE;v=17.3;n=WIFI;l=WiFi;a=MAAKitchenSink$bs=MAAKitchenSink;bt=WebViewController;p=iOS;pv=11.4  
2018-06-19 17:56:40.160148-0700 MAAKitchenSink[24603:1708528] [VERBOSE] [CA MAA] REQUEST header with APM: {  
Accept = "*/*";  
Referer = "";  
"User-Agent" = "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 11_4 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15F79";  
"x-apm-bt" = "t=029DF253-B671-40F3-BAF0-D7AEB0A9E5FD;d=DABA59AF-A672-49D9-B256-5E4C82121AFE;v=17.3;n=WIFI;l=WiFi;a=MAAKitchenSink$bs=MAAKitchenSink;bt=WebViewController;p=iOS;pv=11.4"; 

It is being requested to get a TT from Webview showing the issue and the corresponding screenshot. Or the HTTP Request Header from AXA . Can you get this from the POC site? Else, it will not be possible to move forward in getting to root cause. Please if we know if this is possible and when you can get these file
Additional Information:
The TT with type "Business Segment", as showing in the WebView.png. the uploaded TTs don't contain one. But it could be seen from the customer's screenshot the Business Service name, which is next to "Business Segment|" in the path was already wrong. So most likely the trace was already wrong. Then the map data based on the trace can not be right.