CA UIM aws probe discovery has changed all server names in UMP

Document ID : KB000094343
Last Modified Date : 06/07/2018
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While monitoring AWS instances by using CA UIM aws probe the servers with robots were listed in the UMP with their OS host name but they are now displayed with their AWS virtual guest name.

Is there a way to always display with there host name where they have a robot installed?
UIM 8.51
discovery_server 8.51
AWS probe 5.34
Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

1. Disable the AWS profile 
2. Stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service on the robot machine deployed the probe
3. Select the AWS object(s) in the USM(UMP) -> Action -> Delete selected 
NOTE: Please make sure if 'Prevent rediscovery' is unchecked 
4. Stop the discovery_server probe, backup and clear out all the discovery log files from the discovery probe folder 
5. Change in the discovery_server.cfg on the line: 

display_name_priority = "other.PrimaryDnsName,other.RobotName,other.SysName,other.VMName,other.ComputerName,other.label,other.PrimaryIPV4Address,other.PrimaryIPV6Address,mon_config_service.PrimaryDnsName,mon_config_service.RobotName,mon_config_service.SysName,mon_config_service.VMName,mon_config_service.ComputerName,mon_config_service.label,mon_config_service.PrimaryIPV4Address,mon_config_service.PrimaryIPV6Address" 

->Please change the order of the entries of the display_name_priority key to the following: 
display_name_priority = "other.RobotName,other.PrimaryDnsName,other.SysName,... 

6.Put this in the data_engine.cfg under <setup> section: 

7.Deactive the: 
8.Active the:
9. Start the robot machine deployed the AWS probe and activate the AWS profile 
10.Wait 1 polling interval for new QOS