AWI - Process Monitor - Last check and Check count Details for File Event

Document ID : KB000117327
Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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Why is the file event Details showing:

1. the Date and Time when the first check occurred as the Last Check value?
2. the Check Count value as only 1?

Issue illustrated
Because the File Path in the File Event job is not being utilized correctly.  The File Path must contain a filename-portion.  

If an invalid path (i.e filename portion missing, file directory not found, etc.) is entered, the File Event can never leave the 'Checking' state.  It is unable to complete the syntax check of the command that it is instructed to execute. 

Therefore, the Last Check and Check Count will show the first time it is checked.  Thus, to move forward, the File Path must contain the correct syntax, execute the command correctly, and the state can finally transition from 'Checking' to 'Sleeping'.  Once it makes this transition, it will be able to log the correct date and time of the Last Check and update the Check Count, accordingly.

File Event valid path