[AWA] Query result to AH returned different timestamps from Statistics

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Last Modified Date : 17/09/2018
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When giving queries / SQL statement to Automic Workload Automation database, results returned show different timestamps that can be seen on Client/Web Interface.
For example:
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A jobs with start time and end time at 9:16 and 9:17am respectively showed as 2:16 and 2:17am in database
What could possibly be the cause?
Please be informed that in database, the timestamp is stored in GMT+0 (without daylight saving time changes), while the display on client is shown in your timezone for corresponding clients.
That's why you can see in the query's result showed 2:16am while on statistics it showed 9:16 (means 7-hour shifted according to the timezone assigned to that client, please see below screenshot)
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Additional Information:
Automic Workload Automation Database Schema