aw_post_checks hangs during upgrade to 8.0

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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aw_post_checks hangs during upgrade to 8.0
Applicable to Applications Manager Versions: v8.0

Error Message Details:  

Wile running awinstall to change the Master and DB names.  It's getting to the aw_post_checks script but it is going no further. ?


The upgrade will hang on the aw_post_checks.sql, and would not continue. It may be hanging on updating the aw_job_queue_activity table. There may be too many rows in aw_job_queue_activity and  so_job_queue table.


Clear out both the so_job_queue, and aw_job_queue tables using the following sql. Proceed with the updgrade.

SQL> delete from so_job_queue;
SQL> delete from aw_job_queue_activity;
SQL> commit;

Note: If the contents of the aw_job_queue_activity table have to be deleted, the contents of the so_job_queue table also have to be deleted.