Avoid S002-Abend when running a TPXBATCH-Job

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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TPXBATCH allows you to create the VTAMLST member for TPX by using some special parameters. This feature is available since Release 5.2. You might expect a S002 Abend if your SYSUT2 DD card is not properly defined.


When you create a VTAMLST member for TPX using the *TPX,MDL Statement you have several options for the SYSUT2 DD-Card.

1. You can specify a dataset defined with Record length of 80 and fixed Block:

2. you can specify DUMMY. If done, the output is located in the Job-Log

3. If you specify SYSOUT=* for the SYSUT2 DD-Card, then you will suffer a S002 Abend with Returncode 18 in this message

Returncode 18 means:

An incorrect record was encountered on a QSAM PUT operation; the data set uses the variable record format.
The value in the length of the record descriptor word (RDW) is incorrect for one of the following reasons:
o It is greater than 32,767, or greater than the block size specified in the DCB.
o It is less than 4, or less than 5 if ASA or machine control characters are used.                                            
o It specifies a value greater than the DCBLRECL value (maximum record size) that
 was specified when the data set was opened.  

You can prevent that Abend by using one of the two first SYSUT2-DD-Cards above or by specifying

Additional Information:

The TPX Batch Administration Guide provides in Chapter 8 "Using VTAM Modeling Statements" detailed information's in how to use TPXBATCH in order to create the VTAMLST-member that contains the TPX models.