Available Spectrum Reports in CABI 6.3

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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What reports are currently available in CABI 6.3 for CA Spectrum 10.2.3?

New Reports added in 10.2.2

  • Alarm Activity By User: Group
  • Alarm Activity By User: Selected Devices and Models
  • Alarm Count Trend: All
  • Current Assets (Customizable): All
  • Current Chassis-based Assets: All
  • Current Port Assets (Customizable): All
  • Detailed Change Management: All
  • Detailed Event Log: Group
  • Outage Log: Group (Devices Only)
  • Top-N Least Available: Group (Devices Only)


  • Alarm Activity By user: All
  • Alarm Log group
  • Alarm Log:All
  • Alarm Log:Selected Devices and Models
  • Alarm Mean time to Respond statistics
  • Availability by Class and Vendor: All Devices
  • Availability: Group
  • Availability: Selected Devices
  • Availability: Selected Models
  • Current Asset Detail: Selected Devices
  • Current Assets: All
  • Current Assets: Group
  • Current Ports Detail: Selected Devices
  • Current Ports Detail:Group
  • Current Ports Summary: Group
  • Current Ports Summary: Selected Devices
  • Current Ports Summary:All
  • Customer Detail
  • Customer SLA Summary
  • Detailed Event Log: ALL
  • Outage Log: All Devices
  • Outage Log: Group
  • Service Availability by Service Customer
  • Service Health by Customer
  • Service Summary by Customer
  • SLA Detail by Customer
  • SLA Inventory by SLA Customer
  • SLA Status Current and Recent by Customer
  • SLA Summary by Customer
  • Top N Devices and Models with Most alarms: All
  • Top N Devices and Models with Most alarms: Group
  • Top N Most Common Alarms: All
  • Top N Most Common Alarms: Group
  • Top N Most Common Alarms: Selected Devices and Models
  • Top-N Devices and Models with the Most Events: All
  • Top-N Devices and Models with the Most Events: Group
  • Top-N Least Available: All Devices
  • Top-N Least Available: Group
  • Top-N Most Common Events-All
  • Top-N Most Common Events-Group


  • NCM (from r10.2.3)
  • Alarm (from r10.2.2)
  • Availability
  • Event
  • Asset
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