Autotrack not showing changes for job_type: SAP

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Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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When doing an autotrack command for job_type SAP, all sap-related statements are flagged as being changed, even though just one parameter was changed 

In the below example, the 'step_user:' was changed, but not the other parameters.

01/29/2018 14:00:29
CAUAJM_I_50191 Job definition change.

  insert_job: SAP_JOB_01
  job_type: SAP
  alarm_if_fail: 1
  avg_runtime: 0
  machine: Machine2
  owner: "Sap_User1@SAP_System2"
  priority: 10
  resources: 1
  sap_client: "010"
  sap_job_name: "SAP_JOB_01"
  sap_lang: "E"
  sap_release_option: A
  sap_rfc_dest: "X01"
  sap_step_parms: abap_name="ABAP30", step_user="S123456", banner_page=f, expiration=8, num_columns=80, copies=1, dest="P146", footer=f, print_imm=f
, num_lines=65, new_spool=t, release=f, seq_num=1, seq_num=1, seq_num=1
  start_times: "06:00"
 * abap_name:
* step_user:
* expiration:
* num_columns:
* copies:
* dest:
* num_lines:
* new_spool:
* seq_num:
CA-WAAE 11.3.6 but it also happens for any other CA WAAE Service Pack on Unix/Linux/Windows
According to current design of the audit component, when we update any of the sub attribute(abap_name) value, product treating all the sub attributes under attribute(sap_step_parms) are modified 
It was done intentionally as per the code comments. 
We need significant design changes for the current auditing system to populate the audit data at sub attribute level. 

It requires enhancement request to be reviewed by the product management 
Link to the CA WAAE community to post this idea: