autosyslog -J -tE gives error "CAUAJM_E_50138 No agent files found for job "

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When we run the command "autosyslog -J  -tE " we get the following errors
CAUAJM_E_10682 Requested log file for the specified job could not be found.
CAUAJM_E_50138 No agent files found for job
The flow of the command is as follows:
It does a query of the database to get the absolute path of the file.
To confirm that the database has the right information please run these queries
jobname is test_err1
select joid, job_name from ujo_job where job_name='test_err1';
We get the output as
146 test_err1
Then we run this query to get the output for std_err/std_out  location
select RUN_INFO from ujo_extended_jobrun_info where joid='146';
We get the following output
WobId(146.71225_1/WAAE_WF0.1/MAIN) Jobno(28998) JobLogId(60CE8BE47329F31CD8DDD1D8D6166D5658EE5369) StdOut("/tmp/test_err1.out.Sep.ROS") StdErr("/tmp/test_err1.err.Sep.ROS")
You can confirm if the StdErr/Std_out  location mentioned is the correct one in your environment.
You can run the SQL Server or Sybase version of these sqlplus commands as well
Also enable debug on the Application server
In  config.ACE enable
You enable just the application server in debug mode by using kill -HUP as shown in the example below
ps -ef |grep as_server
autosys  11007     1  2 03:19 ?        00:00:06 as_server -A ROS
# kill -HUP 11007
Then execute the command from the client
]$ autosyslog -J test_err1 -tE
The application server log (as_server.ACE) will show the std_err file path in the log as shown below
[09/29/2014 03:25:54.6149] 11007 30088048 L:64 CybAFMBuilder.cpp 104 BUILD AFM:20140929 03255461+0400 WA_AGENT ROS_APP_dalre02-I91638

40_11007_30088048_1411975554_610245/WAAE_WF0.1/MAIN CONTROL GETSPOOLFILE SpoolFile("/tmp/test_err1.err.Sep.ROS")