Autosys to mainframe jobs having multiple restarts before competing succesfully

Document ID : KB000122841
Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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CCI was unable to stay up and will shutdown after few minutes.
The CA WAAE server was rebooted which fixed the issue.
However, the heartbeat job from Autoys to mainframe is taking longer and having multiple restarts before being completed.
It runs every 30 mins and normally takes only 1 minutes to complete.
CA WAAE release 11.3.5. INCR2
Operating System  Windows 2008 R2
CCI connected to CA-7 on MainFrame
This problem was due to two different IP addresses for the same CCI SysID

The MainFrame was connecting CCI on Windows with an IP address which was different than the IP address of the Windows Server.
Hence there were two different IP addresses for same CCI SysID in the CCI Host Address Table
By design, CCI drops the oldest connection, hence this loop with cci disconnection/reconnection
Network team must configure TCP/IP with a unique  IP address to connect CCI on Windows 

On Windows, run "ipconfig" or "nslookup"  to get the IP address of the Windows Server and configure TCP/IP on the MainFrame to use same IP address to connect CCI