Autosys environment down in Non-Production

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Last Modified Date : 20/11/2018
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We use Autosys 11.3.6 SP0 in our environment hosted on the Red Hat Linux server. The database is Oracle 11g. We received a message that the password expired. Our DBA reset the password and the error was gone. But since then, our application server log shows the following errors:
CAUAJM_E_18407 Failed to connect to Oracle server:
CAUAJM_E_18408 Invalid connect string specified. 
CAUAJM_E_10649 Server (EventServer) was not available during connection operation. , 
The $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV file contains an encrypted string for the AutoSys database user's password.
Example: DBAccess=autosys/2D54658F68765BB3E987552F519D7561
To get the encrypted string for the new password do the following:
Run autosys_secure.
Choose option 6 (Get Encrypted password).
Then choose option 1 (Encrypt password for instance configuration (using AES).
Enter the new password for the autosys database user and confirm the password.
You should get the encrypted string for the password back to standard out and then copy this encrypted string to the DBAccess=autosys/<encrypted string> in the $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV file.
Restart the AutoSys Scheduler and Application server.