Autoschedule with excluded tasks do not show a correct result.

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Last Modified Date : 26/04/2018
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Autoschedule with excluded tasks do not show tasks in parallel.

A second task is scheduled after the first task has completed, while they should be in parallel. 

This occurs when using the "Exclude from Autoschedule" option for the first task and when assigned resource is available for both tasks.


Steps to reproduce: 

1. Create a project with 1 resource and 2 tasks. 

2. Set the resource 25% allocation for this project, i.e. 2 hours per day. 

3. Make the tasks parallel in time period and assign the resource to both tasks 

4. Open Gantt and you'll see the tasks in parallel 

5. exclude the first task from autoschedule with the checkbox in the task 

6. do autoschedule with resource constraint marked 


Expected behaviour: 

As the resource has 25% allocation for both tasks, the autoschedule should show the tasks still in parallel as the total time is still only 50% resource allocation 

Actual behaviour: 

The auto schedule shows the second task to start after ending the first task. 


Note that when setting the resource's availability to 16 hours instead of 8, the tasks are seen correctly in parallel after auto schedule, so it seems that only the availability is taken in count, not the project allocation.




CA PPM 15.2

The application is working as expected and this is not a defect.
Unless directed otherwise, Autoschedule will try and use all the allocation for each assignment.
Following the steps means spreading the 2 hours throughout the whole day. 
In doing so there would not be any remaining availability for the other assignment on that same day. 
To tell Autoschedule that you don't want to use 100% of the allocation for a particular assignment you set the "Max % Load" to the percentage of the allocation you want the assignment to use each day.