Automation Studio - Waiting for agent to connect

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Last Modified Date : 08/01/2019
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While installing, not upgrading, an agent on a Linux server via Automation Studio it shows the step "waiting for agent to connect" in the progress bar and then it hangs there. If we close out of the Agent Installation status progress dialog then we can see that the agent is listed as available.
CA Release Automation
The problem is related to the node_id (conf/nimi_config.xml) being different than the hostname set inside of the Agent Install -> Server Name field. For example, if the command 'domainname' returns a value then the node_id will be set to the value of hostname.domainname. If the domainname command returns none then it uses only the hostname for node_id. In the scenarios where we have seen this occur the Agent Install -> Server Name field was set to use: hostname
On the Linux server where the agent was being installed the domainname command returned a value other than "(none)". 
If the fqdn of the linux server is supplied to the Agent Install -> Server Name field then this problem does not occur. This is true regardless of whether the domainname command returns a value or not. 

Features from Automation Studio (ASAP) are being ported to the Release Operation Center (ROC) UI. A defect is being submitted so that this can be addressed when the Agent Install feature is ported from ASAP to ROC.