Automating Smartstor Data Cleanup

Document ID : KB000124364
Last Modified Date : 10/01/2019
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Do we know why the Smartstor cleanup doesn’t happen automatically on its own and why it has to be manual? We want to take action so that will be automatically flushed in future.

SmartStor is an embedded database in the Enterprise Manager server. (Hereafter called the EM.) It holds both the live and historical metric data which can be used for future analysis. SmartStor holds huge amount of data when Introscope starts to monitor ‘n’ number of agents. Note, there is no automated purging activity to remove unnecessary metrics from SmartStor database.
To avoid performance problems and to increase the capacity of Smartstor, SmartStor has to be cleansed on a quarterly basis. This work has to be done based on amount of historical metrics stored in SmartStor. If the historical metrics is crossing the threshold set by implementer, then SmartStor has to be pruned.