Automatic monitoring for APPLFILE and TRAKFILE

Document ID : KB000025711
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When APPLFILE/TRAKFILE is out of space, ESP can not function properly. Therefore monitoring the usages of both files is very important. We use LISTAPTF and LISTTRAK to get the usage outputs, then do the calculation to find the usage percentages for them. Is there a simpler way to do it?


PTF QO99548 introduces automatic monitoring for APPLFILE and TRAKFILE. With this PTF, ESP will issue APPLFILE and TRAKFILE usage warning messages (to the JES log) whenever a slot file passes certain usage thresholds (50%, 70%, 90%, and 99%).

Two new messages ESP2035W and ESP2036I are created with this PTF. Each time the percentage exceeds the 50%, 70%, 90% or 99% margin, message ESP2035W is issued. Another 2035W message will be issued if a higher margin is reached. Message ESP2036I will be issued if the percentage decreases. More detail for the two messages can be found in prefix.SSCPDATA.

For example: "ESP2035W Slot file, "ApplFile", is 75% full" "ESP2036I Slot file, "TrakFile", usage is down to 65%".