Automated Migration - ITPAM login failed

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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In Automated Migration, the validation of a Migration job is failing with Initialization failed. ITPAM login failed.
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In file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Automation Service\AutomationService.log following error appears :
10/09 01:51:56.702[Timer-0] INFO  AutomationProcessManager.prepareForExecution(?)  - Attempting to connect to ITPAM Server : https://itpamsrv:8443/itpam/soap User : pamuser
10/09 01:52:00.560[Timer-0] INFO  AutomationProcessManager.updateAutomationJobStatusInDatabase(?)  - Updating status in database : false
10/09 01:52:00.575[Timer-0] INFO  AutomationProcessManager.updateAutomationJobStatusInDatabase(?)  - Updating status in database.. done : false

10/09 01:52:00.575[Timer-0] INFO  AutomationProcessManager.prepareForExecution(?)  - Preparation Failed...

This problem could occur if IT PAM is configured with SSL (https - port 8443).

In file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Automation Service\bin\automation.config, ITPAM url is configured like this :



The IT PAM certificate should be imported in the DSM Webconsole cacerts file.
  • Copy the file C:\Program Files\CA\PAM\server\c2o\.c2orepository\itpamcertificate.cer located on IT PAM server to ITCM DOMAIN under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\JRE\1.8.0_92\bin
Remark : The java version may be different depending of ITCM version.
  • On ITCM DOMAIN execute this in a cmd prompt :
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\JRE\1.8.0_92\bin"
keytool -import -alias pam -file itpamcertificate.cer -keystore "..\lib\security\cacerts"
Default keystore password is : changeit
And enter yes at question “Trust this certificate?”
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  • On ITCM DOMAIN restart tomcat

Caf stop tomcat
Caf start tomcat