Auto-close failing on all ticket types

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When automatic closing tickets feature is not working check whether the following messages are reported in the stdlog files:

10/30 21:00:01.25 prod_env spelsrvr             9316 ERROR        cr.spl                8059 Unable to automatically close ticket: cr:491467 - AHD05026:Error creating an entry in the Activity Log. 

10/30 21:00:01.27 prod_env spelsrvr             9316 ERROR        alg.spl                742 Error setting log analyst 793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC: NOT FOUND

10/30 21:00:01.27 prod_env spelsrvr             9316 ERROR        cr.spl                8091 Unable to notify that closure was unsuccessful for ticket: cr:491467



This applies to SDM r12.x.



This is caused by the System_AHD_Generated user having a different UUID in ca_contact table.

When CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) is installed, all internal users have the same UUID across releases.

By default, System_AHD_Generated is the user who runs the auto close activity. If during the implementation phase (which can be a fresh install or an upgrade), or at any other moment, ca_contact table has been updated via pdm_load or pdm_userload without running pdm_dref first, it's possible that the UUID of all users have been changed.

This has direct effect on internal users - such as System_AHD_Generated - that CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) users and such changes should be avoided or done with more control/care.



  1. In order to confirm the behavior, you should check if System_AHD_Generated user exists.
    Run a simple search in SDM interface:
    a. Click Search -> Contacts
    b. Set Last Name = System_AHD_Generated and Status = Empty
    c. Next click Search
    These steps will double check if there are duplicates and if the user effectively exists on your installation.
    The expected result is to have only one active user retrieved.

  2. In case it doesn't return any result, the user must be inserted in ca_contact table, having the UUID=793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC (will look like the following when running a select directly on the database: 0x0793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC).
  3. In case it returns duplicates, run a select on CA_Contact table (see below) and check which one has the correct UUID: 793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC. 
    The other one should be disabled and consider having the name changed to avoid confusion.
    Query: select contact_uuid, last_name from ca_contact where last_name = 'System_AHD_Generated'
  4. In case it returns only one user, run also a select on CA_Contact table and confirm the UUID is not 793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC. Then update the UUID value directly in the database, to match the correct value.
  5. Recycling CA SDM or running a pdm_cache_refresh -t CA_Contact might be necessary.
    If running SDM 12.9 in Advanced Availability mode, proceed with the steps to failover in order to have the changes recognized.

After that the auto closure of tickets should work normally.