Auto clear alerts in UMP

Document ID : KB000100716
Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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Hi team, there are some alerts that are not getting clear automatically e.g: Robot "xyz" is inactive. Despite the Robot is active. Is there any custom configuration to get the alerts auto-cleared or is this a defect? 
UIM 8.51
The alert in UMP and in the nas_alarms table but not in IM. 
It looks like the synch. when the alert got clear between nis bridge and the backend DB had a problem. 
The IM use it's own internal DB files, so this is why the alert was not in IM.
There's no way to synch. it so we had to delete the alert from the nas_alarms table using 
delete from nas_alarms where nimid like 'insert nimid value'