Audit probe doesn't stay attached to the queue

Document ID : KB000009075
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The audit queue continues to build with no messages being cleared from the queue.

Symptoms may include the following

  • The hub queue status tab shows the audit queue in yellow
  • Hub logs show the following entries

Nov 30 16:53:41:108 [139627354564352] hub: Queue subscriber for 'audit' sent unexpected response (2,1) on attempt 9 after 3 ms, will retry in 100 ms 

Nov 30 16:53:41:212 [139627354564352] hub: Disconnecting queue route for 'audit' for repeated or terminal failure (2,1) 

  • The audit log shows the following entries

Nov 30 17:01:13:717 [140240512128768] audit: audit [audit] - Execute [audit] audit status: -1 

OCI_ERROR - ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("CA_UIM"."AUDIT_EVENT"."DOMAIN") 

OCIEnv: 0x0x7f8c44072ea0 OCIAuthInfo: 0x0x7f8c4404c260 OCISvcCtx: 0x0x7f8c4404ad98  


This issue may affect any version of UIM but will include environments that have AS/400 robots

This issue is caused by AS/400 robots not including a domain name in the audit messages that they generate.


A defect has been filed for this issue, so at this time there are only two workarounds

Deactivate auditing on the AS/400 robot

  1. Locate the AS/400 robot in Infrastructure Manager
  2. Highlight the controller probe
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and right click on the controller probe
  4. Click Raw Configure
  5. If there is an "audit" key in the list,
    1. Click the audit key
    2. Click Edit Key
    3. Change the value to 0
  6. If there is NOT an "audit" key in the list,
    1. Click New Key
    2. Enter key name: audit
    3. Enter value: 0
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK

This will trigger a restart of the robot service.

Clear the audit queue each occurrence

  1. Open the hub GUI
  2. Click the Status tab
  3. Click the Subscribers/Queue tab
  4. Right click the audit queue
  5. Click Empty

This will purge the audit queue of all messages.