Audit of Documents Deleted From Collaboration Tab

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Last Modified Date : 03/08/2018
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How can I find out who deleted a certain document in the Collaboration tab, and when they deleted it?  

Is there any way to recover a document? 
How can I find out who deleted a certain document in the Collaboration tab, and when they did it? And is there a way to recover a document? We're on version 15.1.
We do not have any audit / traceability capability available in our Collaboration / Document Management System (DMS) feature of CA PPM; the only way to find any history for deleted files is in the app-access logs which is a very tedious process for admins and CA Support. Since the record with information about the deleted file is removed from the database, we cannot find any audit / trace history information about deleted files in the PPM database either.

We we would need to revert the Filestore (a physical flat file data structure that stores the documents in Collaboration on a NAS drive within our On Demand (SaaS) platform) and the DB to a previous data / restore point.

What you can do is follow the procedure below to submit an enhancement request to the CA PPM Product Managmeent team to add this DMS capability to the development backlog a future release:

Based on customer suggestions, CA PPM has made changes to our ideation process. Each customer organization is now entitled to one voting representative (per production instance) to submit and indicate support for identified product enhancements. Individuals interested in submitting enhancement requests should contact their organization’s CA PPM voting representative. If the organization does not have a voting representative, they can contact CA PPM Product Management at to designate one or inquire further. Ideas submitted to the CA Communities site are still active and monitored for details and feedback, but the primary avenue for moving ideas through our new process involves the voting representatives.