Attributes containing certain special uppercase characters appear as blank fields in Microsoft Project

Document ID : KB000072610
Last Modified Date : 06/03/2018
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When using certain special uppercase characters (i.e.: À, Ä...) and opening a project in Microsoft Project, those related fields appear as blank (no text). This does not happen when those are lowercase (e.g.: Näme, instead of NÄME). This applies to any object such as Resources, Tasks... Steps to Reproduce are just a single example of how this can be observed.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Go to Administration > Resources > New 
  2. Create a new resource with name "NÄME" and last name "SURNAME" (position of the special character could be in either name or last name)
  3. Go to Home > Projects > New
  4. Create a new project and open it. 
  5. Open the Team tab and add the resource from Step 2. Add other characters with non-accented characters for comparison purposes. 
  6. Open the Project in Microsoft Project
  7. Inside Microsoft Project, go to View > Resource Views > Resource Sheet

Expected Result: The "Resource Name" for all resources is shown, including "NÄME".
Actual Result: Resource "NÄME SURNAME" has a blank resource name.
CA PPM 14.3
This is due to the defect - CLRT-79475
CLRT-79475 has been fixed in PPM 14.4 base version.
Additional Information:
In previous versions, as a workaround, it is recommended to use lowercase or non-accented characters.