Attribute to stop WLC threshold alerts

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Last Modified Date : 17/09/2018
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Do we have any attribute from which we can stop the " UPLOAD VOLUME FOR CLIENT EXCEEDED MINOR THRESHOLD " alert generating for WLC's AP .

Yes, we know it can be done via WLC > Information tab > Cisco Light weight Access Point Protocol > Threshold and setting values as 0. But for more than 200 WLC this exercise is cumbersome.
Changing the attribute value for all is easy to use. Kindly let us know for attribute.
There is the following way to change this for the 2 WLC model types, that are supported (Cisco and Aruba).

1. open the Locater search in the OneClick console
2. open the section "Application Models"
3. double-click "All Application Models"
4. filter in the list for "Cisco_LWAPP_App"
5. you should have the Cisco WLC models, mark all
6. right-click the marked list -> Utilities -> Attribute Editor
7. behind "User Defined" click on "add"
8. in the search field filter for "0x1333" and you will see that "0x13339" (maxUploadVolumnePerClient) is the value you were looking for
9. mark the attribute in the list and "OK"
10. move the attribute to the right side (with > arrow button)
11. click in each field to change to "0" and click "Apply"
12. this should give you the list on which it was changed, Just "Close" and "OK" out of the rest.
Note: If you are not sure, you can still use "undo" on all or a few selected

Aruba (in case you have those as well): Same steps as above, just search for "Aruba_Controller_App" under "4." and "5." to filter for and to select.