Attempting to install the Optional Tomcat function, FMID CEG1E10, into an existing CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 environment may fail when the APPLY tries to delete the old entries.

Document ID : KB000008301
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to install the optional TOMCAT component, FMID CEG1E10, the APPLY may receive a RC=12 if the job fails to delete the older FMID of CEG1E00. 

The job receives the following messages:

 cd: /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/tsh/TOMCATSH 100: ../../tomcat: EDC5129I No such file or directory.
Deleting symbolic link in tomcat dir using rm command
rm: FSUM9195 cannot unlink entry "tomcat": EDC5141I Read-only file system.
** rm Syml in tomcat dir failed with status 1

Installing the updated Tomcat FMID CEG1E10 to replace the older FMID of CEG1E00.

Although the first message indicates that the directory doesn't exist, that message is misleading.  The problem exists because the file system was mounted read only and in order to remove the older entry, the file must be mounted read/write.   


Ensure that the UID has SUPERUSER authority (UID(0)) and read access to the file system in order to issue the MOUNT command and delete the necessary resources prior to attempting the APPLY.  Unmount the file system and remount it as read write.     

Additional Information:

Refer to the Common Services r14.1 Documentation wiki for the necessary steps to follow in order to Allocate and Mount a File System