at some point in time an agent gets the CP-List instead of OTHER_SP_LIST

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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When an agent (connected through a ProxyServer-> ProxyClient -> CP instance) looses connection to Automation Engine, it tries to reconnect. Within agents' log file you can see that at some point in time the list of other proxy instances corresponds to CPs instead of OTHER_SP_LIST which should be the valid one.

A restart of the chain ProxyServer -> ProxyClient -> CP does not solve the problem. Only when the agent itself is restarted, it gets the OTHER_SP_LIST in its CP_LIST updated.

The reason of this behaviour was that the PWP sends the agent a CP list and overwrites the proxy server addresses. And this has been fixed with Proxy 2.0.1
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Root Cause: bug
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Proxy 2.0.1 - already available
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