Assignment List/Allocating Estimates to Resources returns to incorrect page after Save

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Assignment List/Allocating Estimates to Resources page returns to incorrect page after saving.


If a project has a large amount of resources in the team, to where the Team tab will have at least 3 pages of resources, when navigating to the third, fourth, or following pages, selecting a resource and then clicking on Action: Allocate from ETC, the action will perform correctly, but the user will be brought back to the first page of resources. This also occurs when editing Assignments.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, select a Project
2. Go to the Team Tab on the Project
3. Add enough team members to create at least 3 pages of staff, if not there already
4. Assign some of the Team members (who are listed on page 3 or 4) to some Tasks - either directly to Tasks or by replacing roles. This gives them some ETC.
5. Navigate to the 3rd or 4th Page (Team is big causing it to span several pages)
6. Select a resource that you gave some ETC; and from Actions on the right of the page, click on Allocate from Estimates

Expected Result: Once completing this action, the user expects to pick up on the same page to continue to allocate resources from that same page (Example: Allocating from Estimate on Page 4, completing allocation, and then remaining on Page 4.)

Actual Result: After the action has completed, the user is returned to the first page of the Team resources and must again navigate to the previous page.


Caused by CLRT-80442


CLRT-80442 is currently open and  under review by development. 


A work around may be to update the number of rows per page to reduce the number of pages needed to navigate to get to a particular resource for allocation, but may be ineffective for a large team.