Assigning a default Installation Code in CA Dispatch

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Installation Codes direct the end user to a specified screen/panel in CA Dispatch upon logging on. If no Installation code is specified for the users logon userid, the user will be presented with either the "Enter Next Task Code" prompt or the CA Dispatch Main Menu.


Without pre-defining a "VSGMU235--Sysgen User Recipient" record, is there a way to assign a default Installation Code to all users logging on to CA Dispatch so that they do not have access to the MAIN MENU or to the "Enter Next Task Code" prompt?


Yes, a default Installation Code can be assigned to all users logging on to Dispatch by installing the Special Feature known as "FEAT026 - Provide an installation code to use as a default for logons".


Available Installation Codes are:

CADS -    Main Menu

CAOV -    Online Viewing Main Menu

CAMSG - Online Viewing MSGCLASS

CARPT -  Online Viewing Reports

CAAR -   Archive Menu


CARCP -  End User, Online user viewing

CAST -   Operations and Status Menu

CAPC -   PC Options Menu


To prevent a user from accessing the "Enter Next Task Code" prompt, you will need to specify the ",X" option suffix at the end of the Installation Code.

Example:  "CARCP,X"


  • Note - An Installation Code defined in a users "VSGMU235--Sysgen User Recipient" record will override the default Installation Code set by Special Feature FEAT026.  


Additional Information:

To see what other Special Feature options are available as well as instructions for installing Special Features, please refer to the following Documentation:  


-CA Dispatch 11.7 Installation Guide: Chapter 7 - Starting Your Product - Activate Special Features.