Assigning a Data Collector to an IP Domain fails

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Last Modified Date : 24/07/2018
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When assigning a data collector to an IP Domain the following error is seen: "The data collector was successfully sent a re-assignment message but we could not confirm re-assignment. Please check the appropriate log files." 



2.5 Data Collector



Caching issue



  1. Check /opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf-2.3.0/etc/ to confirm that all settings are correct
  2. Stop the data collector: service dcmd stop
  3. cd /opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf-2.3.0/
  4. Move off the data directory: mv data data.orig
  5. cd deploy
  6. Move off local-jms-broker.xml: mv local-jms-broker.xml local-jms-broker.xml.orig
  7. Start the data collector: service dcmd start


Additional Information: 

  • The /opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf-2.3.0/etc/ is the main data collector configuration file.  The above procedure assumes settings in the are correct.  If settings are incorrect, they should be changed as needed
  • The data directory and local-jms-broker.xml file will be rebuilt upon restart of the data collector so nothing is lost
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