Assignee cleared out of tickets after upgrading to 17.1.

Document ID : KB000117906
Last Modified Date : 23/10/2018
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SDM 14.1.03 introduced new functionality that makes the Assignee and Group field values dependent on one another in that the Assignee must be a member of the group selected or it will be removed as well as the other way around.  Is there a way to revert this behavior?
There is an option available to revert the assignee/group values dependency back to the previous behavior. Open a command line on the SDM server, type in nxcd and press enter. Run the command; pdm_options_mgr -c -s GROUP_ASSIGNEE_INDEPENDENT –v Yes –a pdm_option.inst and pdm_options_mgr -c -s GROUP_ASSIGNEE_INDEPENDENT –v Yes –a pdm_option.inst -t Recycle SDM. If you have multiple SDM servers you will need to perform this on each. There are 2 possible values for the option; After installing the "GROUP_ASSIGNEE_INDEPENDENT" with value as "Yes", there will be no dependency in group and assignee. User can select any assignee for any group and vice-versa. After installing the "GROUP_ASSIGNEE_INDEPENDENT" with value as "Lenient", the behavior of choosing assignee and group will be same as it was before 14.1 release.