ASMA057E error in an assembly job step

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It is possible that an assembly of a CA-IDMS module gets an error such as this:- 

  Loc  Object Code    Addr1 Addr2  Stmt   Source Statement
000000                00000 00098     8+RHDCOPTF CSECT
000000 D9C8C4C3D6D7E3C6               9+         DC    CL8'RHDCOPTF'
000008 F1F4F1F0F1F5                  11+         DC    CL6'141015'
00000E 0829                          12+         DC    XL2'0829'  
                                     13+         SPLEVEL TEST    
** ASMA057E Undefined operation code - #MOPT/SPLEVEL
** ASMA435I Record 143 in MEN.EUIDMS.SYSTEM65.R185.CAGJMAC(#MOPT) on volume

The reason for this is that SYS1.MACLIB is missing from the assembly's SYSLIB ddname concatenation.

In this example, the code issues an SPLEVEL macro call expecting that macro to be found in SYS1.MACLIB. If it isn't, then the SPLEVEL is treated as an assembler instruction and fails, because it isn't one.

Be sure that there is a SYS1.MACLIB in SYSLIB ...