ASM returns a NULL value data from the rule_log API call.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 Why do we receive NULL value data from the rule_log API call?

 Example output:

{"name":"App Analyzer","rid":"392929","start":"2015-06-01 00:35:35","end":"2015-06-01 00:40:35","repeat":"1","result":"1042","type":"0","descr":null,"ttime":null,"rtime":null,"ctime":null,"ptime":null,"dtime":null,"dsize":null,"loc":"lx","alerts":"0","ipaddr":null,"id":"28031741"}

Current supported ASM environment

 The null values may be appearing as designed.  There are certain monitor error messages for which you will receive no valid time values in this output and null will be reported instead. 

For example:

Not matched error: This error occurs when matching on a string for a site.  If that string does not exist, then the error "Not matched" is returned.  The rule_log API will show actual values because the Monitor was able to connect to the site successfully and retrieve information.

Timeout while connecting error: This error will return null values for the rule_log API because the Monitor failed to connect to the site in the amount of time allotted in the Monitor settings.  Therefore, no data is returned which explains why null values show up.


In summary, any error that prevents the Monitor from retrieving data will instead show null values in the results of a rule_log API call.  Any error which does not affect this data retrieval, will report numerical values in the results of the call.