ASM API CSV format returned by rule_log

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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The format for CSV output from the rule_log ASM API call appears to have changed with the ASM hotfix deployed on May 11, 2018.  It looks like a new field was added, but I don't know which one is new.

Here is an example of one line of output from before the hotfix was deployed: TestMontior_Login_Logout,222222,2018-04-04 00:02:15,2018-04-04 00:02:24,1,OK,0,346,,4432,4448,58438,7,0,4794,14,0,6ee04451-379b-11e8-8baf-4f1414c4ab5f,2318920252679293732,au, In that example the ID is in field 19.

Here's an example of one line of output from after the hotfix was deployed: TestMonitor_Login_Logout,222222,n,2018-05-16 23:56:36,2018-05-16 23:58:13,1,Operation timed out,2,82,,998,96799,8981,2,7011,96881,1007,1,c46a69b0-5964-11e8-b343-fbd25b34607c,2330248034539870430,gb,

In that example the ID is in field 20. Can you please tell me the new format for CSV output from the rule_log API call?
It appears a new field which was inserted into Column C. This was introduced after the hotfix and thus pushed the rest of the columns over by 1. This is the column name and value.n This was a new feature in the API that was put in the last hotfix.

The reason for this is, if you ask rule_log to return a bunch of monitors back to you, it returns it in chunks. The uuid of the last monitor allows you to make another call to continue the list.

However, if a monitor was deleted and that monitor was the last one in the chunk, the uuid was invalid and thus you could not gain access to the rest of the list of your monitors. So a fix was put in to address the uuid problem and also added a deleted column to indicate that that specific monitor was deleted.