AS400 Process QZRCSRVS is still running by the CAWA user

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Last Modified Date : 04/01/2019
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With respect to the Workload Automation System Agent on an i5 server, is it normal for the QZRCSRVS process to remain active for extended period of time?
This is what IBM says about it:

When a prestart job starts, it runs under a generic user profile (usually QUSER). When a request comes in, the profile attributes of the generic profile are swapped for the attributes of the profile making the request. When the prestart job is doing work, even though the profile associated with the job is generic, the authorities and other attributes are those of the requesting profile. This is done by the QWPSETP API which will be discussed more later. When a request is being worked, there will be a message in the joblog of the prestart job that identifies the user profile that is being serviced and the status of the prestart job will go from PSRW to something else (RUN, DEQW, CNDW, and so on). This implies that when a request comes in, the user changes to the requester until the next request comes in