Are there any restrictions using VM:Schedule's MONITOR configuration file record?

Document ID : KB000031627
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA VM:Schedule uses the VMSCHED MON command to communicate monitoring information.  This command presents request start and request end information to the service machine.  To safeguard against accidental changes, the VMSCHED MON command is not presented to the command user exit.

Please be aware that VMSCHED MON cannot be altered or used for any other purpose than communicating monitoring information. The command presents information to the server in a specific format that contains non printable data that the product requires.

Due to VMSCHED MON requirements, if your site monitors requests, warn users to make sure their user IDs have access to the CA VM:Schedule communications module (VMSCHED MODULE). If CA VM:Schedule autologs a user ID and cannot find this module, the request does not run.   The user ID sits idle for 15 minutes until the system forces it off.  After the user ID is forced off, the QUERY command shows the status UNKNOWN TERMINATION.