Are there any known compatibility issues with CA Automation Point r11.5.x and z/OS 2.2?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the past when I have inquired about known compatibility issues with z/OS, I was told by CA Support that CA Automation Point is not dependent on z/OS. This article explains what this means.


What does it mean that CA Automation Point (AP) Mainframe OS independent?


IBM Mainframe z/OS r2.2


AP is 'OS independant' because by design, AP connects to a remote host as a terminal session and 'screen scapes' what's displayed on the terminal. How AP parses out messages from the screen and interacts with the remote host is user configured in the session definition. When you configure the session as a MCS console, AP expects the console to accept a set of z/OS console commands that are issued by AP to control console format and displayed messages. Only when those commands are designated as obsolete in a z/OS version, would AP 3270 console automation be incompatible with that z/OS version. 

In practice, before an AP release goes GA, console automation is tested with GA versions of z/OS. There are no known problems here. 

In practice, network and z/OS changes that affect end to end connectivity in general could impact AP console automation. 

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Always check the Known Issues section of the Release Notes of CA Automation Point documentation.