Are there any considerations when running in a LE environment and calling subroutines/programs.

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It you are using CALL AMODE24 and ENVIRONMENT (COBOL) you need to change the LE runtime options.

FILE EXITs and subprograms can have an AMODE of 24, 31, or ANY and an RMODE of 24 or ANY. If a 24-bit subprogram is being called from a Unicenter CA-Easytrieve program when ENVIRONMENT(COBOL) is set, these LE runtime options must also be set:

ALL31=(OFF),STACK=(,,BELOW). For information regarding the setting of LE runtime option overrides for Unicenter CA-Easytrieve, please see the Getting Started (SupportConnect link, SupportOnline link).

Other Relevant Information:

Language Environment (LE) Considerations section in the Getting Started Guide p.4-14.

When the Unicenter CA-Easytrieve runtime routines are installed, one module, (ETCOBSR), is statically link edited with the LE runtime option overrides required by Unicenter CA-Easytrieve. These overrides are distributed in the form of an object module named ETLEOPTS. In the SMP/E JCLIN for the ETCOBSR module, you can see that ETLEOPTS is statically linked into module ETCOBSR, (along with the ETCOBST module). If you require additional LE runtime option overrides for your Unicenter CA-Easytrieve jobs, you can add them in either of these ways:

  • Change your LE runtime option installation defaults.
  • Assemble the overrides into a CEEUOPT object file, and relink ETCOBSR including your new object file in place of ETLEOPTS.

If you assemble your own CEEUOPT, be sure to include the following LE runtime option overrides required by Unicenter CA-Easytrieve: